Mahapoll is an upcoming poll and survey portal aimed at the common man who wants to know the opinion of the society on various issues. The poll and survey options are available free of cost to the ordinary user. Even the private polls created by the users are also free of cost. At the same time, Mahapoll also offers professional services to individuals, companies, and institutions to conduct polls, opinion tracking, and detailed surveys to understand markets and to analyze public opinions and moods.

Mahapoll is a subsidiary of Tantra Corporation, a Manufacturing and Trading Company established in 2014. Tantra Corporation is based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka and is into various activities such as manufacturing of household products, product promotion and trading of goods and services. The registered office is in Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

The organization is strong at all levels

Promoters with proven track records of credibility and success and who come with a unique market sense. Experienced management team with a wide range of exposure in media.

The Strengths Of Tantra Corporation

The base People involved in running Tantra Corporation come with a rich background of experience and exposure in the field of entertainment, television show production, events, film making and other streams of visual presentation.TV House has sourced and nurtured rare talent and a skilled work force, making it a formidable force in its fields of operation.

The Driving Force

Mahapoll is driven by specialists in the fields of politics, social activism, social entrepreneurship, media and advertising. The pool of experts design and manage the content on the site by constantly striving to make it user friendly and up to date with the current affairs and the public mood.